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1st Lottery System 11.2

1st Lottery System Software is the buy levitra mastercard best lottery system software to play the lotto-type lottery with control.lst Lottery System have strong analysis tool, filtering tool and buy cialis 40mg online wheel tool to help you win the lottery. lst Lottery System is an analysis lottery system.
Download Size:12.26 MB Supported OS:Win2000/Win7 x32/Win7 x64/WinVista/WinVista x64/WinXP
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1st Lottery System Screenshots
1st Lottery System Screenshots
1st Lottery System Screenshots

1st Lottery System 2012 is the best lottery system software to play the lotto-type lottery with control. 1st Lottery System have strong analysis tool, filtering tool and wheels tool to help you win the lottery.

1st Lottery Systems 2012 is an  analysis Lottery Software, this lottery system software supoorted analysis methods: Drawings Trend, Base analysis, AC analysis, Sum analysis, Single-Digit analysis, Number groups analysis,  Hot-cold analysis, Prime analysis, Divisoin Remainder, Multiple analysis.

1st Lottery System software supoorted filtering methods: Odd, buy lexapro cheap Even, Low Odd, High Odd, Max Number, Min Number, Prime, AC, Min Distance, Max Distance, Sum, Average Value, Low Number Sum, High Number Sum, Odd Sum, Even Sum, Same Past 3 Drawing ect...
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Customers Feedback :

"I am informing you that I got 5 numbers out of 6 in Wednesday lotto 47. I also got two 3 out of 5. My total bet was $30 and won over $1000. I used one of your lotto wheels. Thank you very much! "

- carlos garrido, viagra sales Michigan

"I've already won with your program $4000.00+! The best lottery systems on the market today!".

- Sage Damian, New York

"I've tried other lottery system before but yours is EXCEPTIONAL - very helpful and easy to order viagra 25 mg use. I have recommended to my friends."

- javier pueto, Illinois

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lst Lottery System Supported Lotteries:              

United States:

Multi-State: Power Ball, Mega Millions, Lotto South, Hot Lotto, WinforLife. Arizona: Arizona The Pick, Arizona The Pick 5, Arizona CASH 4. California: California SuperLotto Plus, California Fantasy 5. Colorado: Colorado Lotto, Colorado Cash 5. Connecticut: Connecticut Classic Lotto, Connecticut Cash 5. Delaware: Delaware Multi-Win Lotto. District of Columbia: DC Daily 6, DC Rolling Cash 5. Florida: Florida Lotto, Florida Fantasy 5, Florida Mega Money. Georgia: Georgia Fantasy 5, Win for Life-WFL. Idaho: Idaho Wild Card 2. Illinois: Illinois Lotto, Illinois Little Lotto. Indiana: Indiana Mix and Match, Indiana Hoosier Lotto, Indiana Lucky 5 Lotto, Indiana Midday Lucky 5. Iowa: Iowa Cash Game. Kansas: Super Kansas. Kentucky: Kentucky Cash Ball, Kentucky Three Line Lotto. Louisiana: Louisiana Lotto, Louisiana Easy 5. Maine: TriState Megabucks, TriState Heads or Tails, TriState Paycheck, TriState Triple play. Maryland: Maryland Bonus Match 5, Maryland Multi Match, Maryland Lotto. Massachusetts: Massachusetts Cash WinFall, Massachusetts Millions, Massachusetts Megabucks Massachusetts Mash Cash. Michigan: Michigan Fantasy 5, Michigan Classic Lotto 47. Minnesota: Minnesota Gopher 5, Minnesota Hot Lotto, Minnesota Northstar Cash. Missouri: Missouri Lotto, Missouri Show Me 5 Paydown, Missouri Midday Show Me 5 Paydown. Montana: Wild Card 2, Montana Cash, Hot Lotto. Nebraska: Nebraska Pick 5. New Hampahire: TriState Megabucks, TriState Playcheck. New Jersey: New Jersey Pick Six Lotto, New Jersey Cash 5. New Mexico: Road Runner Cash. New York: New York Lotto, New York Take 5. North Carolina: North Carolina Cash. North Dakota: Wid Card 2. Ohio: Ohio Rolling Cash 5, Ohio Classic Lotto. Oklahoma: Oklahoma Cash 5. Oregon: Oregon 648 Megabucks, Oregon Win for Life. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Match 6 Lotto, Pennsylvania Cash 5, Pennsylvania Treasure Hunt, Pennsylvania Min and Match. Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Loteria Electronica. Rhode Island: Rhode Island Wild Money. South Carolina: South Carolina Palmetto Cash 5, South Carolina MegaMatch 6. South Dakota: Wild Card 2, South Dakota Cash. Texas: Lotto Texas, Texas Cash Five, Texas Two Step. Tennessee: Tennessee Lotto Plus, Tennessee Lotto 5. Vermont: TriState Megabucks, TriState Playcheck. Virginia: Virginia Cash 5, Virginia Midday Cash 5. Washington: Washington Lotto, Washington Hit 5, Washington Match 4. West Wirginia: West Wirginia Cash 25. Wisconsin: Wisconsin Badger 5 Wisconsin Megabucks Wisconsin Super Cash.
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Other Countris:

Australia: Australia Tattslotto, Australia Wednesday Tattslitto, Australia NSW Lotto 1, Australia Powerball, Australia Oz Lotto, Australia Wendnesday Gold Lotto, Australia SA Lotto, Australia The Pools.Canada: Canada 649, Canada Super 7, Canada Atlantic Payday, Canada Atlantic 649, Canada Atlantic Bucko, Canada BC49, Canada BC Playday, Canada Ontario 49, Canada Quebec 49, Canada Ontario Lottario, Canada Ontario PayDay, Canada Western 649. China:, Hong Kong Mark Six, Taiwan Lotto, Taiwan 539, Taiwan Big Lotto. Germany: Germany Lotto 649. Ireland: Ireland Irsh Lotto, Ireland Irsh Lotto Plus 1, Ireland Irsh Lotto Plus 2, Ireland Euro Millions.  Mexico: Mexico Mexico Melate Lotto, Mexico Mexico Chispazo, Mexico Mexico Revancha Lotto, Mexico Melate Retro. New Zealand: New Zealand Lotto. Singapore: Singapore Toto. Spain: Spain 649, Spain Euro Millions. United Kingdom: United Kingdom British National Lottery, United Kingdom Thunderball, United Kingdom National Lottery Extra, United Kingdom Daily Play, United Kingdom Euro Millions. Belgium: Belgium Lotto, Belgium Euro Millions. Brazil: Brazil Mega Sena, Brazil Brazil Quina. South Africa: South Africa National Lottery, South Africa South Africa Lotto Plus. TurKey: TurKey Turkish Sayisal Lotto, TurKey Turkish Sans Topu. France: France Euro Millions. Greece: Greece Greek Joker, Greece Greek Lotto. Malaysia: Malaysia Mega Toto 652, Malaysia Superme Toto, Malaysia Power Toto.

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